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Should You Still Trust Avaya With Your Business Phone?

Avaya may have exited bankruptcy, but its phone offerings may not satisfy your needs. Here's why:

Avaya's bankruptcy announcement last year is a wake-up call for businesses and IT teams everywhere. When the survival of your business depends on your phone system and broadband connectivity, who can you trust?

Universal Connectivity offers cloud-based telecom services that you can always rely on:

Cloud moves can be inexpensive and uncomplicated

As you’re re-evaluating your Avaya systems and contracts, take the time to also re-evaluate your communication systems. Consider how to help your employees work smarter from any location.

Below are key features that could help you operate in today's work-anywhere economy

You need online meeting software that's as mobile and modern as your workforce.

With business tools now delivered as apps, workers are breaking free from their cubicles and untangling themselves from their desk phones.

Today’s workforce requires an integrated communication solution. As smartphones enable employees to work from anywhere, solutions that help them to successfully balance family, personal and professional obligations are needed. As communication capabilities continue to extend beyond voice, unified communications apps integrate key business productivity applications into one.

Employees need access to advanced communication tools that provide business data, collaboration spaces, access to colleagues and customers on any device, from any network. We'll break down how to keep yours connected, regardless of geography.

The Knowledge Economy

  • Businesses must differentiate themselves with flexibility, creativity and innovation in order to still be relevant.
  • Employees are becoming knowledge workers rather than clock watchers. They spend most of their time building and developing newer, better products, services and customer experiences.
  • Knowledge workers thrive in environments where collaborating on new ideas with colleagues, partners and customers is real time and spontaneous. 


  • Employees are “always-on” from any location, with any device. Responding in real-time to urgent requests is a requirement of the new mobile worker.
  • A February 2017 survey from ArcTouch and Precision Sample reveals that mobile apps improve workflows. 85% of users say their most-used app saves them time, and 83% say that it makes them more productive.1

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

  • According to Crowd Research, 76% of organizations supply at least some BYOD support to their employees with smartphones and/or tablets.2
  • Employees rely on their personal devices to conduct business outside of “normal” hours and offices.
  • IT needs their tools to be able to be mobile and secure.

Millennials ... and Beyond

  • The Millennial generation makes up 33% of today’s workforce. That number rises to 75% by 2025, according to the Brookings Institute.3
  • Generation Z and Millennial workers are digital natives who expect their work to integrate seamlessly into their on-the-go lifestyle.

Elevate the Way You Work

Unlike Avaya hardware systems, Universal Connectivity has cloud-based communications services that reliably support today’s mobile and dispersed workforce. 

Here are some powerful features offered by the Universal Connectivity suite of services:

Business Suite Features:

Presence & Instant Messaging (IM)

Color coding based on availability makes it easy to see if now's a good time to ping for a quick question.


A virtual, always-on meeting room space for colleagues to meet, either ad-hoc or at a planned time. During a MyRoom meeting, every present coworker can use any combination of group chat, voice and video conferencing, desktop and application sharing, and file sharing.

Voice & Video

Quality voice and video allows for colleagues to accurately see each other's body language and properly hear inflections, two useful assets for sensitive and stressful projects.

Unified Messaging

Give mobile users access to emails, voicemails and texts in the format that works best for them, depending on where they are and what they're doing. Unified mailbox, notifications and user-defined call routing streamlines and speeds up projects.

Desktop & Application Sharing

Collaborate on documents and web pages in real-time.

Multiple Device Support

Smartphones and tablets (Apple and Android), desktops and laptops (Apple and Microsoft, Chromebook and Linux) are all supported.

SIP Trunking

Enables smart team-working tools for all users across a mix of on-premises and cloud communications service estates.

Cloud Contact Center

Match each customer to the right contact agent with predictive analytics, bringing you the best business outcome. Contact Agent solutions are delivered from the network with customer interactions for voice, web, email, chat and social. Powerful performance analytics are included to help your team understand customer and agent behavior, enhancing your customer experience.

Smart Call Routing & Call Handling

Cloud solutions are tied to your business phone number, so call handling features work effortlessly. For example: if you're in a MyRoom conference, any incoming calls will follow the rules you set up, and can be forwarded since your presence information shows you as busy. If you're on Avaya or alternative collaboration tools not integrated with our cloud service, this is not available.

Avaya systems still function. However, the functions they deliver are increasingly out of date. It is just a matter of time until the lack of capabilities directly impacts your business and bottom-line results.

With Universal Connectivity’s cloud communications solutions, you can consistently provide your business with the most up-to-date capabilities available. Contact us today to learn more:

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